Payment and Shipping

payment methods
Payment upon receipt is one of the ways we accept bank transfers as well, or through money transfer companies or PayPal for those who have an account in it.
Confirm your purchase
When confirming the purchase, we ship and send the product via the appropriate method to the place of delivery. If the product is digital, we send it immediately to your e-mail, and if it is not digital, we send it either through our shipping official in the city or region or through the Amana Express service or a company of companies Which we think is suitable for you

Shipping process

If you are in the same city, the delivery will be fast on the same day. If the time is late, the matter will be postponed to the next day. Today, it will be shipped through our distributor or private companies that guarantee you the delivery of the consignments to the required address that you provided us with. Delivery will take the least possible time and we will inform you of the time when confirming the order, and it is easy. Just answer the phone when our team contacts you.
In general, delivery is from one day to four four days, depending on the region, if today is Sunday, it does not count
In the event of any damage to the product as a break or deficiency, the store bears full responsibility for that, and the buyer must communicate with the store at the time or on the next day of receiving the shipment, after which the buyer is not entitled to claim damage costs.

Transportation and loss of shipment

Ownership of the product passes to the buyer upon receipt of the product
In the event of any damage or loss of the shipment, the store bears all responsibility for that